The Next Gen of  Gaming Using AI

Glade is pioneering a new frontier in games and redefining gaming innovation using AI. Our founding team consists of passionate gamers and industry veterans, including former software engineers and professionals from Meta, Square, and Navan.

In Glade's first release, Cursed Crown, players will experience a multiplayer, rogue-lite game with AI-generated content and story progression. Waking up in a forsaken prison, the players find themselves trapped with no memories of the past. To escape, they must embark on a journey with their party, uncovering secrets about their past and the details of their capture with each new floor unlocked.

With the power of generative AI, every choice makes ripples through the game, shaping the players' destiny and crafting a saga uniquely theirs.

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The Team

Meet the people behind Glade

Daniel has a background in gaming, finance, and entrepreneurship. After graduating from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, he helped scale the finance team at TripActions, a $10B SaaS startup. Daniel has always been passionate about games and played them competitively, having reached top 400 in North America. Some of his favorite games include League of Legends, Runescape, and Genshin Impact.

Daniel Fang

Aaron first started building games at 15, which served as his introduction to programming. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Berkeley, Aaron worked at various different Software Engineering roles at companies like Meta and Square before following his passion to be a founder of a gaming studio. Some of his favorite titles of all time include Tekken 3, Pokemon Emerald, League of Legends and Elden Ring.

Aaron Lee

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